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F1 mobile and Vodafone Vanuatu reserves the right to alter the terms and conditions, make changes or upgrades to these promotion dates specified in the promotion. 

Promotion is open to all Vanuatu residents only with a valid registered Vodafone and sim-card. Employees (or members of their immediate families) of F1 mobile and Vodafone are not eligible to enter. 

  • Each Entry to 185 (SMS) cost VT25/txt.

  • Keyword: KICK

  • Multiple Entries are allowed 

  • Competition Start Date: 22nd November 2022

  • Entries Close On: 17th December 2022/11.59pm

  • No entries will be valid after the closing date/time. 


Game messages are randomised and users must txt in the keyword to increase their points.

Base points vary from 1 to 30 points and are awarded randomly on every individual play.

Special ingame features will be enabled throughout the promotion. 

Special ingame features will be enabled anytime throughout the promotion. Examples of ingame features are: Double Points, Triple Points, or Bonus Points for certain farming challenges.

  • Maximum points for double points feature is 100. Minimum points for double points is 20.

  • Maximum points for triple points feature is 150. Minimum points for triple points is 30.

  • Bonus Points vary from 100 to 1000 points.

Ranking will be available to Top 500 players. Any player ranked more than 500 will have ‘points to beat player infront’ enabled.

Major Prizes:

  1. 1st Ranked Prize: VT250,000

  2. 2nd Ranked Prize: VT100,000

  3. 3rd Ranked Prize: VT50,000


Consolation Prizes:

  1. Week 1 – 3GB Mobile Data (Draw date: 25/11)

  2. Week 2 - 3GB Mobile Data (Draw date: 02/11)

  3. Week 3 – 3GB Mobile Data (Draw date: 09/11)


Cash winners will be notified via ingame SMS.

Prize money will have to be collected from the Vodafone main office.

Consolation cash prizes are randomly drawn.

Winners must present a valid photo ID (e.g. driver’s license or valid mobile number) and winning mobile number registered under their name in order to collect the prizes. 

Awarding of major cash prizes may take up to 4 weeks from end of campaign.

Any content used in this promotion cannot be copied, published or redistributed into other forms or used for commercial purposes without the approval of F1mobile. 

F1 Mobile and Vodafone are not liable for any damage that may come about due to legal action pertaining to material submitted to this promotion. We will use any personal information we may collect about you by entering a promotion.

Any person under the age of 18 must have the permission of their parents or a guardian in order to take part in this promotion.

By entering the competition, winners agree to have their photos taken, advertised on F1 Mobile Solution and Vodafone Vanuatu website, Facebook page, and print advertisements where F1 mobile and Vodafone Fiji has the right to use the winner's details, photos, interviews and endorsements for promotional purposes, including media advertising.

Prizes are not transferable and no part of the Free Talktime prize is exchangeable for cash or any other prize. If the primary winner is unable to travel, the prizes cannot be transferred to someone else.

Whoever accumulates the most number of points within the competition is the winner, followed by the 2nd then 3rd.

Winners will be contacted via the number in which he/she texted in with, and if the winner fails to answer the call within 7days from draw date, there will be a redraw of the competition.

This promotion is available to only Vodafone Prepay users.

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