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Established in 2006, F1 Mobile Solution started of providing weather content to one mobile network in Fiji. Fast forward 16 years, we are now providing services in terms of SMS, Multimedia, and Mobile Applications to 5 network providers across the South Pacific.


Redefining the Way 
Mobile Content is delivered

The content arm of our business is managed and developed by F1 Mobile Solutions, a subsidiary of Vititech Ltd. The content is then deployed via Monk, the SMS Platform which is owned and managed by Vititech Ltd, this enables us to broadcast SMS customised local content to your wide base.


Monk is a user friendly platform and we encourage custom content suppliers to distribute their content directly via the platform allowing the ease of SMS dissemination to your customers across your network via multiple content suppliers.


Through our SMS content service, subscribers with a mobile device, any mobile device, can have access to information such as health, news and fun content that will enable them to stay one step ahead of other networks.

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